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Love Breakup Quotes Best Feeling Alone Quotes Images, feeling sad for someone? Don’t worry! It is a bitter truth about today’s relationship because the feelings in this time never matter but maybe in rare cases they matter. Maybe we are wrong about love and relations but we are telling you a fact which we are observing in our surroundings. Now love has become a game where people play with heart and love to hurt others and they consider it as a victory.

Well! There are no words for fake lovers because we think it will insult the words. Breakup is one of the painful word we have ever seen and who gets it, that person is one of the bad guy on planet because cheat in relationship is the direction of darkness. A lot of reasons can cause breakup but other person or third person in a relation is major and mostly common.

The debate can be long on this topic so leave it and concentrate on the purpose of this article. We have added some quotes about breakup in bellow which are latest and they all have deep words so read them and download the best images to share with others or get painful feelings on regular basis so don’t forget to save them. You can bookmark this site if you are lover of sad quotes because in future we will come with other sad articles.

1:- I still miss you but I don’t want you back anymore.

2:- Silent tears hold the loudest pain.

3:- Don’t comeback when you realize that I’m rare.

4:- Every goodbye teaches you something.

5:- The biggest lie (I Will Never Leave You).

6:- You said you will never leave me, you were a good liar.

7:- The more I try to avoid you, the more I die to talk to you.

8:- My heart finally told me to stop wasting time.

9:- One day you will miss me the same way I’ve been missing you.

10:- When I’m silent I talk with my pain.

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11:- Don’t depend anyone to be happy.

12:- Miss-Communication is the main reason of breakup.

13:- How to kill someone? Fill them with love then leave.

14:- You didn’t break me. I broke me because I believed in something that wasn’t real.

15:- Dear self sorry for always breaking for others.

16:- Sit alone, you will find your all answers.

17:- But dear, there is sun after rain, love after pain.

18:- You left like I was never a reason to stay.

19:- I’m not ok, but it’s ok.

20:- I don’t hate love, I hate what happens in the end.

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21:- Dear brain! Please stop over-thinking I’m tired.

22:- True love will not hurt you, if it’s hurting you it’s not true.

23:- You broke my heart, yet my broken heart still wants you.

24:- No matter how good you are, you can always be replaced.

25:- I miss you all the time but I will never tell you.

26:- Never beg to be loved.

27:- I want to hate you but I know I can’t.

28:- You left me, Ok! Be ready to search me in every person you meet.

29:- Don’t forget if they come back to you, don’t forget how they left.

30:- I was born without you so I can live without you.

31:- It’s a lonely feeling when someone you care about becomes a stranger.

32:- Some stories written with pen and some stories written with pain.

33:- I remember everything that you forget.

34:- Can’t wait to see myself happy again.

35:- In the end, I think I broke my heart more than you broke mine.

36:- I miss you but you’re fine without me.

37:- Mostly true love ends in tear only.

38:- Just look inside my heart, you will cry.

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39:- Tears have no weight but they carry heavy feelings.

40:- Now you’re just a memory that hurts.

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