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Feeling Alone Quotes Break Up Quotes, Feelings after breakup really hurt and always push the life into dark where happiness never comes. The word breakup is very small but enough to kill someone outside and inside before its actual death. Love is such a great relation if it true but if it is wrong mean to say with wrong person then no much is painful than this relation. We think first love always real because after it you love others to start your new life and forget someone. In many cases first love we do with wrong person and in the end we get breakup which hurt till the end of life because pain inside the heart never end, may be it can minimize but never end. Well! In this article we are ready to share with you some sad quotes with deep meanings so must read them and download the images which are given in gallery.

1:- I say I don’t care but I visit your profile and see your last seen, every day when I miss you.

2:- One day I completely forget you maybe.

3:- Once I am gone, I’m not coming back.

4:- Just smile and say I am fine because nobody really care.

5:- Can I skip being sad and just be happy?

6:- I know everything, I’m just quiet.

7:- Sleepy eyes, heavy heart with busy mind.

8:- I never fake my tears, so when it falls I’m really hurt.

9:- I automatically go silent when I hear something that hurt my feelings.

10:- I hate seeing you with others.

11:- I don’t hate you; I just lost respect for you.

12:- Not all 3 AM conversations are with lovers, some long conversations are with friends who can never replace in life.

13:- Many people think love is full of joy, smile and romance, but the actual truth is love is full of hurt, pain and cry.

14:- Real love isn’t easy and easy love is not real.

15:- Everyone says that forget your love and enjoy the life but no one knows how much I die inside.

16:- I will never stop loving you.

17:- Suddenly your name on my screen didn’t make me smile anymore.

18:- Dear heart, stop beating so hard for the one who never cared about you.

19:- Sometimes alone is the best place to be.

20:- In my dreams you are mine but in life you are my dream.

21:- Stop wasting your time on a person who’s not sure about you.

22:- Everything changed, we used to talk for hours, look at us now.

23:- I really want to speak with you but I think I’m disturbing you.

24:- Everything lies expect the eyes.

25:- Being single is cool, nobody can torture you emotionally.

26:- I am physically, emotionally and mentally drained and tired.

27:- I’m crying too much for a person who is not mine.

28:- I still love you and I get hurt every time when I see you with someone else.

29:- In the end, we’ll all become stories.

30:- We try to hide our feelings but we forgot that our eyes speak.

31:- No one can love you like I do & no one can teach me a lesson like you do.

32:- Real depression is when you stop loving the things you love.

33:- Silence is not empty, it is full of answers.

34:- I still miss you but I don’t want you back anymore.

35:- If you miss me please tell me because I’m missing you too but not sure if you care.

36:- I love everything about you even the way you left.

37:- Drinking too much is injurious to health but trusting someone too much is injurious to heart.

38:- Silent tears hold the loudest pain.

39:- Silence is better than unnecessary drama.

40:- True love has a habit of coming back.

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