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Cute Quotes For Her Romantic Quotes For Girlfriend, never wait for a time to say her how much you love and like her because in relation never depend on time. During relationship time passes quickly like hours feel seconds so say her feelings of your heart. If you are in relation and looking for careful quotes to impress your crush than you are here in right place because we have added some deep romantic lines in this article so go in bellow and love quotes.

Love Quotes For Girlfriend

1:- I feel heaven in your arms.

2:- It was you, it is you, it will be you always.

3:- Always hold me in your arms like I’m your teddy bear.

4:- You are best surprise of my life.

5:- Wanna be with you through days and nights.

6:- I don’t want perfect I want us.

7:- Because you feel like home to me that’s why I love you.

8:- Hand in hand, You and me, Today, Tomorrow, Forever.

9:- You mean more to me than any other person.

10:- The precious gift God gave me is “you”.

11:- I look at you and see rest of my life.

12:- Calling you mine is another level of happiness.

13:- You are the most important person in my life, now and always.

14:- Whenever I hear you name I started smiling.

15:- I really hope we never lose each other.

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Romantic Lines For Her

16:- You are special to me always remember that baby.

17:- I want you to stay and never go away.

18:- Distance means nothing when someone means everything.

19:- When I am with you, hours feel like seconds.

20:- Listen! You are my world and that’s final.

21:- I will always stay loyal and committed to you and only you.

22:- I will never change my feelings for you.

23:- If I am puzzle then you are my missing piece.

24:- I will love you till my last breath.

25:- I am ready to share my entire life with you.

Cute Quotes For Her

26:- Just put a smile on your face that’s enough for me.

27:- With you I saw what happiness actually looks like.

28:- It doesn’t matter where I am, I’m yours.

29:- I want you and want your beautiful soul.

30:- For me you are much better than others.

31:- I made a wish and you came true.

32:- Can we just stay in bed and cuddle forever?

33:- Thinking about you is my favorite thought.

34:- A million times over I will always choose you.

35:- You are my love till the date I die.

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